Tungsten Electrode
Tungsten Electrode

Tungsten Inert Gas welding(TIG) or Gas Tungsten Arc welding(GTA W) uses a nonconsumable tungsten electrode which must be shielded with an inert gas,The arc is initiated between the tip of the electrode and work to melt the metal being welded,as well as the filler metal,when used. A gas shield protects the electrode and the molten weld pool,and provides the required arc characteristics.

  • Standard Alloy Type Chemical Composition(%) Solidus Liquidus Application
    Thoriated Tungsten WT10 Thoriated Tungsten Tungsten:Balance Thorium-Oxide:0.9-1.1% I Q:0.9-1.2 I O:<0.20 Colors Sign:Yellow
    Thoriated Tungsten WT20 Thoriated Tungsten Tungsten:Balance Thorium-Oxide:1.8-2.2% I Q:1.8-2.2 I O:<0.20 Colors Sign:Red
    Thoriated Tungsten WT30 Thoriated Tungsten Tungsten:Balance Thorium-Oxide:2.8-3.2% I Q:2.8-3.2 I O:<0.20 Colors Sign:Purple
    Thoriated Tungsten WT40 Thoriated Tungsten Tungsten:Balance Thorium-Oxide:3.8-4.2% I Q:3.8-4.2 I O:<0.20 Colors Sign:Orange
    Cerium Tungsten WC20 Cerium Tungsten Tungsten:Balance; Thorium-Oxide:3.8-4.2% I Q:1.8-2.2 I O:<0.20 Colors Sign:Grey
    Lanthanated Tungsten WL10 Lanthanated Tungsten Tungsten:Balance; Thorium-Oxide:0.9-1.1% I O:<0.20 Colors Sign:Black
    Lanthanated Tungsten WL15 Lanthanated Tungsten Tungsten:Balance Thorium-Oxide:1.3-1.7% I O:<0.20 Colors Sign:Golden Yellow
    Lanthanated Tungsten WL20 Lanthanated Tungsten Tungsten:Balance; Thorium-Oxide:1.8-2.2% I Q:1.8-3.2 I O:<0.20 Colors Sign:Sky blue
    Pure Tungsten WP Pure Tungsten Tungsten:Balance; Impuritie:<0.5% - I O:<0.10 Colors Sign:Green

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