Brass Brazing Alloys
Brass Brazing Alloys

Can be used for brazing and for the Oxy-Fuel Gas Braze-Welding process, with liquid flux spread through the torch flame. Brass Brazing Alloys are mainly used for welding among copper, steel and iron. Most of the common (and easy to use) brazing alloys. It’s a low cost and good physical ability brazing alloy brazing carbon steel, cast iron, hard carbide tools etc. Brass brazing alloys are widely used in bicycle frame, diamond tools, metal process, marine repair industries. BEIDUO Alloys offers an extensive range of copper and silver brazing alloys to suit your welding applications, a wide variety of brazing, welding and soldering alloys for joining most applications encountered in the field.

  • Standard Alloy Chemical Composition(%) Solidus Liquidus Application
    AWS A5.8
    BS EN14640
    Cu:60 Sn:<0.6 Si:<0.05 Zn:Balance Other:0.5 886℃ 901℃ Used to braze on steels, copper alloys, nickel alloys and stainless steels, the addition of tin improves strength and corrosion resistance in the weld deposit
    AWS A5.8 BS EN14640 RBCuZn-B CuZnNi Cu:56-60 Sn:0.8-1.1 Si:0.05-0.2 Fe:0.25-1.2 Ni:0.2-0.8 Mn:0.01-0.5 Zn:Balance Other:0.5 866℃ 882℃ Higher joint strength, better color match with stainless steel and cast iron and easy machinability of the weld fillet.
    AWS A5.8 RBCuZn-C Cu:56-60 Sn:0.8-1.1 Si:0.04-0.15 Fe:0.25-1.20 Mn:0.01-0.5 Zn:Balance Other:0.5 866℃ 888℃ Low cost, versatile alloy. Used with torch, furnace and induction brazing welding on steels, cast iron, copper alloys, nickel alloys and stainless steel
    AWS A5.8 BS EN14640 RBCuZn-D CuZn42Ni10 Cu:46-50 Ni:9-11 Si:0.04-0.25 Zn:Balance Other:0.5 921℃ 935℃ German Silver. Braze welding of steel, nickel and carbide alloys
    - HS221 Cu:60 Sn:1.0 Si:0.3 Zn:balance Other:0.5 875℃ 890℃ Gas welding and carbon arc welding of brass,also braze welding of copper,steel and cast iron.
    - Cu48ZnNi9Ag Cu:46-50 Ni:8-10 Si:0.04-0.25 Ag:0.7-1.2 Zn:Balance Other:0.5 890℃ 920℃ High-strength brazing alloy, usually used for joints requiring high mechanical resistance characteristics.

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