Flux Coated Brazing Rods
Flux Coated Brazing Rods

A general purpose Flux Coated Rod that combines flux and the brazing filler metal into a single form. It’s ideal for everyday repairs of steel, cast iron and copper metals. Can save labor cost. With highly versatile and strong, it’s widely used for Oxygen/Acetylene Welding/Brazing and can also be used on galvanized iron, brass, stainless, copper and chrome-plated materials, or any combination of them. Provides strong corrosion resistance. This rod can be used to join similar and also dissimilar metals such as mild steel to galvanized steel, stainless steel to copper, mild steel to stainless, stainless to copper nickel and mild steel to cast iron. Welding Material should be heated evenly to brazing temperature, avoid putting direct flame onto flux coating.

  • Standard Alloy Chemical Composition(%) Solidus Liquidus Application
    AW SA5.8 RBCuZn-A CuZn40 Flux Coated Cu:60 Sn:<0.6 Si:<0.05 Zn:Balance Other:0.5 875℃ 890℃ Copper and phosphorous alloy offering excellent liquidity for tight fitting joints. Used extensively in the HVAC industry to make preform rings for evaporator.
    AWS A5.8 RBCuZn-B CuZnNi Flux Coated Cu:56-60 Sn:0.8-1.1 Si:0.05-0.2 Fe:0.25-1.20 Ni:0.2-0.8 Mn:0.01-0.5 Zn:Balance Other:0.5 866℃ 882℃ Delivers moderate liquidity and improved gap filling compared to PhosCopper 0. The 5% silver content provides good economy when compared with PhosCopper.
    AWS A5.8 RBCuZn-C Flux Coated Cu:56-60 Sn:0.8-1.1 Si:0.04-0.15 Fe:0.25-1.20 Mn:0.01-0.5 Zn:Balance Other:0.5 866℃ 888℃ This is very popular alloy offers superior ductility and strength. it is suitable for wide gap applications. Joint clearances of 0.002-0.006". Easy to use,good control. Used extensively in copper tube joining applications.
    AWS A5.8 BS EN14640 RBCuZn-D CuZn42Ni10 Flux Coated Cu:46-50 Ni:9-11 Si:0.04-0.25 Zn:Balance Other:0.5 921℃ 935℃ Combination of low silver with high phosphorous creates very good fluidity. While not quite as liquid as BCuP-2, tight fit-up is recommended.
    - HS221 Flux Coated Cu:60 Sn:1.0 Si:0.3 Zn:Balance Other:0.5 875℃ 890℃ Excellent combination of strength, cold formability and hardness. It is wear resistant, has good corrosion resistance and soldering properties.

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